The Coaches Company

What can you expect from us?

Meet the coaches

You will be challenged by highly trained and engaged coaches using the Co-active Coaching model (click here to learn more). It is a successful and fulfilling process that enables clients to stretch their minds and abilities to set the stage for lasting change.

Our core belief

We believe that everyone has the capacity to grow and contribute, and that aligning personal and organizational goals will bring extraordinary results. Our coaching methods bring together the creative elements needed to facilitate personal and organizational growth.

Our coaching tools

We are inspired by the ground-breaking work of The Coaches Training Institute and are all trained Co-Active Coaches. We combine Co-active Coaching principles with the best of what works from psychology, neuroscience, leadership theory and practice.

Our coaching approach

Our approach has proven to be inclusive, captivating and transformative. This is why our approach does not follow traditional methods which try to fit everyone into the same box, but leverages individual power and talent.

What we bring personally to each coaching session

First of all we bring educated coaches bound to a code of ethics that keeps YOU at the centre. Using a methodology that can only be successful with input and participation from you. We use listening and questioning techniques that allow us to get to the heart of the issue quickly. We learn continuously, we value creativity and honesty, and are committed to effective constructive growth.